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Northern Italy Tours Video

Welcome, northern Italy tours have never been more affordable and exclusive now that you’ve found out about Tuscany with Me.

Our friend Federica Merli was born and raised in Tuscany, is fluent in English and German and, with extensive work experience in public relations for an Italian winery, is now completing her certification as a Sommelier.  If you’ve experienced the Wine regions of the U.S., you’re ready to travel the ancient Wine Road of Italy.

But you won’t want to limit your trip to Tuscany to just the wineries.  Federica is an authority on all the best Northern Italy has to offer.  Tell her of your interests and she will research them in advance to provide your small group with the most personalized and exclusive customer service available in all of Europe.

Whether it’s a guided half day tour, full day excursion, or an entire week or two of touring, Federica can create a suitable itinerary with each person in mind.  If you’re planning a honeymoon, the celebration of retirement, a family reunion or if you simply want to gather a small group of friends or colleagues, there’s something for everyone in Italy and Federica will help you to find it.

Have you ever considered a trip to an olive grove where you can see the presses at work creating the finest olive oil in the world?  Or how about a tour devoted just to gourmet food?  You might want to devote a day to shopping where Federica will cut through the tourist traps and take you to the places the locals call authentic and a good deal.

Italy invented spas and the Italians are still pampering guests with the finest techniques and treatments in the world.   And for an adventure you may never have thought of, Federica highly recommends a tour of a white marble quarry, the same quarry used by Michelangelo beginning in the year 1500. You’ll never look at marble in the same way again.

The euro is decreasing in value against the dollar, making a European vacation the most affordable in 20 years.  So gather your group, update your passports and start planning your custom Northern Italy tours today.